PRWeek Blog Competition is a Joke

Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn P.S. 277PRWeek has announced its Blog Competition and PRBlogNews is one of the lucky 32 in the running. What, you didn’t know there are 32 PR bloggers? There aren’t. The other 31 are imposters, has-beens, hacks and hucksters. By process of elimination, PRBlogNews is not only the best PR blog, it may be the only PR blog. 

In posts this week we will dissect the first head-to-head competitor we face – the Glass House blog by Waggener Edstrom (sounds like a play by Henrik Ibsen) Worldwide President Frank X. Shaw.  Anybody with a middle name of X. should be automatically “X”d out.

For now, here is a snapshot of some of PR blogs in this sorry “competition” (no link love here). 

PR 2.0? We’re already on PR 3.0. Solis should archive his blog and find another gig.

Richard Edelman 6 AM? Richard has 2,400 fawning employees who must read his droll blog or else they don’t survive until 7 AM. Unfair.

Micropersuasion – How did Rubel get on this list? He doesn’t write about PR, wouldn’t know PR if it smacked his Twitter. His blog should be renamed Microconfusion.

Blogservations – How much can we stand Gomes aching about how he doesn’t like to blog? How many Edelman white male bloggers stacking this deck?

Digital Influence Mapping Project – Grandiose title masks Ogilvy big agency psycho social media babble. I don’t know what Bell is talking about … it’s not PR.

more later …


  1. TJA says:

    If this is an example of strategic PR, then your strategy must be to lose the competition. Your cheap, unfunny descriptions of the other contestants are going viral in a way that is unlikely to produce a win for you. I have no skin in this game, just an observer here. I never heard of you before today, but I just voted against you.

  2. prstini says:

    Terrible sportsmanship IMO

  3. Mark Rose says:

    TJA & prstini:

    Did you hear the one about the rabbi, the priest and the monk?


  4. TJA says:

    I am not a shill for the guy you referenced. I agree with you on the need for humor, irreverance and contrarianism in this profession. The deafening din we hear around the words “social media” is the sound of hundreds of PR shills desperately positioning themselves for a promotion, a book, self-branding, career advancement. The social media “movement” poses as selfless, but let’s be honest: it’s nakedly self-serving.

    As I read your blog, I like a lot of your stuff. I think you did yourself a disservice by bashing the competition, though – even in good fun.

    But hell, my blog wasn’t even nominated. So what do I know.

  5. Mark Rose says:

    Considering that the competition is absolutely creaming me, I might be inclined to agree. I seem to have energized the opposition, as they say in a campaign. I know most of these bloggers and I think we should be challenging each other more – poking, prodding, rattling. When we are in competition let’s run it like a real campaign. This stuff is really mild compared to what our clients face in the blogosphere every day.

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