P.S. 277 Kicks Ass in Brooklyn

A couple of Wisenheimer Brooklyn guys questioned my memory in the week-in-review post. They are correct – P.S. 244 is a grade school in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, that I went to earlier. The public school in Gerritsen Beach is P.S. 277. See proof below, second from the bottom, second from the right. I am the goofy looking kid surrounded by the other goofballs – it was requirement back then that all Brooklyn school kids must look like extras from Spaceballs. 

So what is going on at P.S. 277 today? According to GerritsenBeach.net the school, and the neighborhood, is Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn P.S. 277thriving. P.S. 277 scored 97.2% on state reading tests and is one of the top five schools in the city. Dr. John’s playground, named after a famous P.S. 277 alum (Not Dr. John ‘the Night Tripper’ but Dr. John Elefterakis, 1959-1997) is a water-splashed haven for over-heated kids stuck in the city during the summer. Dr. John graduated from Marine Park Junior High and Sheepshead Bay High School. He is remembered as a friendly physician willing to make house calls. He volunteered extensively for the betterment of the neighborhood. Gerritsen Beach takes its name from Dutch colonist Wolfert Gerritsen, and is part of the greater neighborhood of Marine Park, where ex-Yankee manager Joe Torre grew up.

It’d take a guy a lifetime to know Brooklyn t’roo an’ t’roo. An’ even den, yuh wouldn’t know it all.Thomas Wolfe, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn


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