Nocera to PR: Screw You

New York Times curmudgeon and PR basher Joe Nocera remains unrepentant for his mean outing of a PR person who dared send him a pitch he did not approve of.

In a blog post yesterday he defends his public ridicule of Amanda Miller of Nike Communications for what he sees as blatant stupidity. Says the fashion-challenged Nocera: ”What offended me was that Miller tried to pitch the idea that children have become fashion accessories. Her glib acceptance of that grotesque notion was what drove me around the bend, and caused me to publish her e-mail. I would do it again in a second.”

Joe Nocera curmudgeon columnist for The New York TimesHey, Joe, ever read The New York Times? The NYTimes, 8/22/1996: “But in today’s post-modern tableaux vivants, even children are accessories.”  Hey, Joe, ever take a walk on the Upper West Side, where children are dressed like they’re taking a hike down the fashion runway? You could have forwarded the pitch to the Style section and be done with it.

As we said, and others commented, Miller’s only mistake was sending the pitch to Nocera, who is displaying his meanness in attacking everyone who disagrees with him in his blog. I’ve met Nocera and he is the last guy you want to pitch about fashion or culture. What can you say about a guy who takes his head shot with his glasses propped on his balding pate and a know-it-all grin like he’s about to puke on another PR person.


  1. Darcy says:

    Just an observation about children as fashion accessories and where they might be found. Mark states “just take a stroll in the Upper West Side.” Children in the Upper West Side are more likely to be toted along by nannies who train in from elsewhere. One also sees children who look and act like, well, children. Mark should take a stroll on the Upper East Side. That’s where one sees children of all ages with perfect hair, designer clothes, and for all one knows make-up. It’s not that much of a step from dog as accessory to child as accessory, or so it appears.


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