PR/Media Week-in-Review, 07-20-2008

Loren Feldman Goes Too Far

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, PR/Media Week-in-Review“How do you know you’ve gone too far until you go there?” – anon  |  This quote should be on the 1938Media web site. As we know, Loren Feldman, the ganza macher of 1938Media, likes to push the edges. Technigga, his digital trilogy to racial stereotypes and the vacuity of social media, was perhaps his boldest stride into comedic social commentary. The whole “black tech” issue came back to haunt Loren recently with a dustup with NPR - he’s like a heat seeking missile for controversy.

What’s to become of Loren Feldman? There was buzz of a C-Net deal, Verizon signed him up for a day or two before they realized his content could not be controlled, he tried integrating into Mahalo like a MTV V-Jay (NO!), he floated the idea of charging for “premium” content (apparently 99 cents was too much for most people), and he hobnobbed with Calacanis in Brentwood and Arrington in the Bay area like Blanche DuBois relying on the kindness of strangers. He even gave up pounding on Shel Israel and absolved Julia Allison - still he could not go mainstream with the digerati.Charlie Chaplin

Now there’s Affirmative Action at 1938 Media with Salaam E. Boloney. It’s hilarious and on the edge – pure Loren. If anybody needs proof that Loren just does not ‘fit’ with Techheads like Arrington and Calacanis, and if he’s going to get anywhere it’s going to be on his own terms, see video below.

Hey, Loren, you have an opportunity here to be what Chaplin was to Universal Studios. This is the supposed to be the YEAR OF WEB VIDEO and we are still in an absolute dead zone of creative content. You need a Studio head, a business guy, to gather and present and monetize that creative output. Seize the time bro. 


David Carr is the Best Crackhead Journalist

David Carr, The New York Times journalist, The Night of the GunI cried when I read David Carr’s “The Night of the Gun” excerpt in The New York Times magazine today. There is well-crafted, self-depracating, self-illuminating honesty that comes through in everything that Carr writes, and it is magnified tenfold in this book. Lurid tales of criminal junkie life make me wonder about the ability of the body to absorb punishment – prolonged, escalating poisoning and torture – and to emerge to write about it in a search for the truth, even if it leads to dark corners. I was always impressed with David Carr’s propensity for taking risks in his journalism but I never knew why until I read this amazing story. With his new found celebrity, and his back from the depths tale that Hollywood devours, I hope that Carr does not go ”Oprah” and “Dr. Phil” on us …

Calacanis Quits Blogging – World Holds Breath

Jason McCabe Calacanis, lapsed Brooklynite nee Westwood socialmedialite, has quit blogging! Don’t Jason McCabe Calacanis - either Taurus or Fondue?everybody hold their breath. Jason has afforded himself a grand sendoff and assures us all that he did not undertake this decision lightly. Taurus and Fondue, his bulldogs, never wanted the media attention he tells enraptured reporters at a faux media conference. Here’s the answer to the unasked question: Jason quit blogging because he had nothing to say. His blog had become an overblown ad for himself and his company and his life was not that interesting. Maybe if he moved back to Bklyn and became a grafitti artist he’d have something to blog about.

PR worth $139 Million?

Richard GrassoLapsed blogger and ex-Strumpette bud Eric Starkman scored a major coup in PRWeek with a Q&A titled: Exclusive Interview: Grasso bullish on PR’s worth. To get a high-profile client to vouch for you and explain in surprising detail how you helped them is, most would say, impossible. Grasso (left) faced an uphill battle when Eliot Sptizer was flying high and trampling all in his path. He realized that this was as much a PR battle as a legal one, and he trusted Sarkman to lead the way. You can’t buy that kind of endorsement or loyalty, especially when $139.5 million is at stake. 

Short take: Israel launched an international media campaign against Hezbollah. See story

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