Barack Obama is a bomb-throwing Muslim radical

Barack Obama New Yorker coverThat’s the message you’re supposed to get from the cover of the New Yorker that has the Obama campaign PR machine in a tizzy over how to react. I am a New Yorker, not necessarily a New Yorker reader. To me, the cover is obviously satirical and not much more radical than some previous New Yorker covers, so what’s the big deal?

The purpose of a provocative magazine cover, of course, is to generate buzz and sell magazines. Judged by that criteria, this is highly successful commercial art. Both Obama and McCain can write this off as further proof that the east coast effete intellectual media is out of touch with the rest of the “normal” people out there who find this grossly offensive. I am rarely offended by free speech and artistic expression, and I am always amused by how the “rest of the country” can both admire and revile, and attempt to dismiss us here in the naked city.

The media-on-media coverage (see video below) requires pundits to examine all sides of this issue to formulate no conclusion that leads us to no greater understanding of this non-issue in the summer doldrums of a surprisingly unsurprising election. When do the real stories begin? (after the conventions!) 




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