PR/Media Week in Review, 07-06-2008

Liz Manages Madonna & A-Rod, the new Marilyn & Joltin’ Joe?

Liz Rosenberg has been Madonna’s publicist since the early 80′s. Rosenberg is often quoted in the media, these days denying that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing or that Madonna and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez, star third baseman for the New York Yankees, are an “item,” a particulary dicey assignment since both Madonna and A-Rod are married.

A-Rod’s wife, the “long suffering” Cynthia Rodriquez, as the Daily News refers to her, is in Paris with platonic pal Lenny Kravitz. She is supposedly  recovering from her husband’s latest indiscretions.  A-Rod is under Madonna’s Kabbalah spell, claims Cynthia, and he has become intolerable. Media spec on the divorce settlement hovers around $150 million. A-Rod was tabloid fodder a couple of years ago when he was spotted in several cities with a Vegas stripper, and he reportedly has a propensity for $5,000 lap dances.

In 25 years as a publicist for Warner Brothers Rosenberg (right, with Madonna) has developed remarkable power. The impending Madonna/Ritchie split has been accepted fact for weeks, and A-Rod’s “dalliance” with Madonna was gaining momentum and credence, complete with sightings of A-Rod’s midnight exits from Madonna’s Central Park West apartment by curious tenants (does Madonna really have a private elevator straight to her bedroom?).

Rosenberg effectively muted both stories with a couple of statements this week and then “the happily married” Mr. & Mrs. Guy Ritchie were seen holding hands after dinner at a Upper West Side restaurant – a one-two PR punch. In 25 years of protecting, emulating Alex Rodriquez A-Rod The New York Yankeesand explaining Madonna, Liz Rosenberg has seen what works.

Liz Rosenberg has guided Madonna’s huge public image through many permutations. Remember when Madonna was running around with a Britney Spears t-shirt? She has a brilliant, enduring radar for what is red hot at the moment and A-Rod is not only having another great year for the Yankees, he is on the path to “best ever” status.  Welcome back to New York, Madonna, it’s like you never left.

Rosenberg claims affinity and admiration for her star client ever since Madonna came into her office and ”she had the biggest balls ever.” Madonna was a flegling, critically dismissed star in her own universe and Rosenberg rode that star from Boy Toy through Sean Penn and Warren Beatty, to Vogue and Versace, through Hard Candy and Sticky and Sweet, through the Malawi adoption imbroglio, right to A-Rod.

See statement to People mag today: Madonna breaks silence to deny rumors of divorce, affair. Meanwhile: “[Madonna] wants to stop the leaks and the whole thing to blow over,” a source told the paper. “She told (A-Rod) him his family must shut up.”  See Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie is from hell, says brother.

PR Writing for the Digital Age

The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook: The Digital Age, 2nd Edition is a good idea. For the most part, PR writing is atrocious and PR people don’t get how to write for the era of digital communications. The sample chapter I read is intriguing and I like the way chapters are presented. The problem is that the book costs approximately $53 and “shipping and handling” adds another $78 (they only calculate price in euros). If this is a book about digital communication why isn’t there an option to download it to save the ridiculous S & H charges? For agencies that can afford it, this can be a valuable resource if it is backed up with credible instruction.

Major League Baseball Gets It

The widget below is a great idea from Major League Baseball to promote the upcoming All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, July 15, 2008.  On every major league site you get the option of copying this widget to Facebook and many other social media outlets, or to embed it in your blog. Vote for Jason Giambi in “The Final Vote.” The Giambino deserves to be there for the final All-Star game at the original Yankee Stadium.



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