P.S. 277 Kicks Ass in Brooklyn

A couple of Wisenheimer Brooklyn guys questioned my memory in the week-in-review post. They are correct – P.S. 244 is a grade school in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, that I went to earlier. The public school in Gerritsen Beach is P.S. 277. See proof below, second from the bottom, second from the right. I am the goofy looking kid surrounded by the other goofballs – it was requirement back then that all Brooklyn school kids must look like extras from Spaceballs. 

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PR/Media Week-in-Review, 07/27/08

Jew on Jew ViolenceMark Rose PR Week In Review July 29, 2007

My first day in grade school at P.S. 244 (correction: it’s P.S. 277) in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, a tall Irish thug named Patrick Selkirk introduced himself by sharing his favorite joke: “What’s the fastest means of transportation?” asked Patrick. I shrugged. “Throw a penny and hop on a Jews back,” he said and Patrick and his gang of thugs cracked up and boasted of making raids into ‘Jewland’ (neighboring Marine Park) to beat up on kids like me. Patrick and his boys made good on those boasts.  Enticing and evading the Irish gangs was a favorite activity back then until we developed our own brand of thuggery, albeit much more subtle.

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Nocera to PR: Screw You

New York Times curmudgeon and PR basher Joe Nocera remains unrepentant for his mean outing of a PR person who dared send him a pitch he did not approve of.

In a blog post yesterday he defends his public ridicule of Amanda Miller of Nike Communications for what he sees as blatant stupidity. Says the fashion-challenged Nocera: ”What offended me was that Miller tried to pitch the idea that children have become fashion accessories. Her glib acceptance of that grotesque notion was what drove me around the bend, and caused me to publish her e-mail. I would do it again in a second.”

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Public Relations – A Higher Calling?

He described the Pope’s meeting with victims as a cynical move designed by public relations experts. “It doesn’t alter things, because it’s purely public relations,” Dr Barrett told Fairfax Radio Network. “It’s all about just managing the crisis … it’s typical, they (the church) always do it in this way.” – see story in theage.com.au

Fr. Lombardi - spokesperson for the Holy SeeIl Papa ha ascoltato le loro storie e li ha consolati – “He listened to their stories and offered them consolation,” according to the 7/21/08 Daily Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office. The man behind that message is Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi (left, working the phones), the director of the Holy See Press Office. A lifelong journalist, Fr. Lombardi was ‘spinning’ the Pope’s continued outreach to victims of sexual abuse by the clergy. The Pope is making a point of ‘hearing’ sexual abuse victims and therefore showing his concern and empathy.

The problem with that, according to critics in the story from Australia quoted above, is that ‘hearing’ and ‘consoling’ does not lead to ’doing’.  They are clamoring for action and the Pope is making PR gestures. What more could he do?

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PR/Media Week-in-Review, 07-20-2008

Loren Feldman Goes Too Far

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, PR/Media Week-in-Review“How do you know you’ve gone too far until you go there?” – anon  |  This quote should be on the 1938Media web site. As we know, Loren Feldman, the ganza macher of 1938Media, likes to push the edges. Technigga, his digital trilogy to racial stereotypes and the vacuity of social media, was perhaps his boldest stride into comedic social commentary. The whole “black tech” issue came back to haunt Loren recently with a dustup with NPR - he’s like a heat seeking missile for controversy.

What’s to become of Loren Feldman? There was buzz of a C-Net deal, Verizon signed him up for a day or two before they realized his content could not be controlled, he tried integrating into Mahalo like a MTV V-Jay (NO!), he floated the idea of charging for “premium” content (apparently 99 cents was too much for most people), and he hobnobbed with Calacanis in Brentwood and Arrington in the Bay area like Blanche DuBois relying on the kindness of strangers. He even gave up pounding on Shel Israel and absolved Julia Allison - still he could not go mainstream with the digerati.Charlie Chaplin

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