Mormon PR Guy Web-Savvy, On Message

Pity the poor polygamist. They have been collecting wives quietly hidden under the protective cover of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mormon Churchthe Mormons way before wife collecting was popularized by Jacqueline Suzanne.  Now the Mormons are striking back with the power of PR.

Emboldened by a survey (the oldest trick in the PR arsenal, although quite effective here) showing that most Americans think wrongly that they are polygamists, the Mormons have embarked on a viral PR campaign to set the record straight.

“It’s about clarifying who we are,” said Michael Otterson, Director of Public Relations for the LDS (Mormon) Church. “We’re not denigrating any other group. We’re not criticizing any other faith. We are simply saying this is who we are.”

Michael Otterson, spokesperson Church of Jesus Christ of Latter ay Saints, MormonsOtterson (left) is a web-savvy spokesperson for the Mormon Church. He is the on-air “Anchor” of the first online news conference of the Mormon Church in October, 2007.  In this 35 minute video Otterson is summarizing an aggressive, consistent, comprehensive public relations program that has been on-message and remarkably effective.

First, Mitt Romney’s bid for the Presidency sent the Mormons into fourth gear PR mode. Then the raid of the polygamist cult had them scrambling. The best defense is an offense, in footbal and PR, and the Mormons are on the march.  Most impressive is the use of viral PR and the real-time and archived video outreach.

See NPR 6/30/08 Polygamist Raid is PR Nightmare for Mormons and 6/26/08 story from Salt Lake, Utah.


  1. Mark says:

    The group practicing polygamy, are not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,so please differentiate between the two

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