In the land of the free …

Coming up on July 4th weekend and those old Yankee Doodle Dandy impulses naturally emerge. For me, it’s Hillary Clinton and Barack Obamanot as simplistic as waving a flag or eating a hot dog but unearthing a deeper meaning to where we live and the time we inhabit. I am a late student of American history but in my lifetime we have lived through signature moments in our common development – civil rights, Vietnam, eco awareness, the rise of technology, the fall of Communism, global terrorism. There are iconic images along the way, such as man walking on the moon, and this one surely qualifies.

I am sure that the coming together in Unity, New Hampshire today was PR-engineered right down to Hillary’s blue outfit matching Barack’s blue tie. A lot is at stake, huge amounts of money will drive this campaign, and we are embarking on a journey down a road never traveled. That is the beauty of the self-generating, multi-generational American experiment in democracy – there is no predicting the next turn. Somehow, though, despite differences, we agree that the experiment should continue and the quest to find the common good, although imperfect, should endure. 

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