Would you pay for Loren Feldman?

That’s the question tossed out in Twitterland as Loren, ganza macher of 1938Media, extends a west coast tour of social media hotspots in search of an answer. Here’s the Twitter from Loren yesterday: So I’ll be charging $0.99 for certain content. A couple vids a week. More details tomorrow.

Dave Winer puppet as seen on 1938MediaLoren is having big success with his new puppets. He moved quickly from Shel Israel to a hippie drippy paranoid Dave Winer, to an overzealous uber geekoid Robert Scoble.  He’s shooting impromptu videos and bunking with Jason McCabe Calacanis and Mike Arrington but the new standard of A-List social media cache eludes those two icons - they still don’t have puppets representing them on 1938Media.  

So, why would we possibly pay for 1938Media videos that we have grown accustomed to seeing for free? Three reasons off the top of my head:

  1. Loren needs the money. There has to be some way to monetize this creative font that amuses so many of us. I pay 99 cents for a bag of potato chips. Loren is worth that. Would that be ‘per-video’ or a time subscription?
  2. Support the puppets. Hey, the Shel Israel puppet is probably doing better than the real Shel right now. If I was Larry Ellison I would give the puppet stock options and sign him to a non-compete. Does that puppet have an agent?
  3. Let’s go off the deep end. How far would Loren go if he was behind a walled garden? I’ll pay to see the really good stuff … and it doesn’t have to be “Geeks Gone Wild.”

I spend a lot of time these days tripping around the incredibly rich and diverse New York theatre scene. Still, I flip on Jason’s Place just for kicks sometimes and think, wow, now this is entertainment. The web is desperately hungry for good, original content. There must be a way to encourage that with a little moolah.

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