New York Is Its Own News Cycle

NBC 4 NY - new 24 hour news show for New YorkNew York One has been a staple for us die hard news junkies for years. At its launch in 1992 it was an audacious experiment – a 24 hour TV channel devoted exclusively to New York City news. What was a pioneer move then now seems obvious – New York is its own news cycle. The city never stops so why should the news?

But NY1 never grabbed the essence of the news in New York.  After 12 years NY1 still seems like a quaint experiment and “quaint” is not how you want to characterize New York news. The days of Weegee scrambling after curbside shootings may be over but this is New York – we need some outsized personality with our news, especially in the digital age when TV viewership is shrinking.NY1

Well, NBC has announced that it is launching a 24 hour cable TV station devoted to New York news. The bigger news behind that announcement is how they intend to do it.

From NYTimes: “NBC’s plan calls for rebuilding Channel 4’s newsroom and melding its content closely with the new channel, as well as an existing locally oriented Web site and video displayed in places like gas pumps and taxi back seats. NBC will even take WNBC’s name off the Web site,, simply calling it NBC New York. Local news will still be shown on Channel 4.

The reason for the this “content-centric” approach is simple: we are getting more and more of our information from a variety of sources – for the first time people are getting more of their news from the web than from print or television.

This trend will continue and accelerate, and it radically changes the dynamic of how public relations services are conceived, packaged and delivered.

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