Ryan Rises … and stays up

How much are you willing to sacrifice for PR?

Ryan McCormick, President Rising Sun PR, will moderate Comic Strip Live event Ryan McCormick (left), a publicist who is either as a masochist, martyr or insomniac (perhaps all three), will stay up for 50 hours straight in service to his client, the Comic Strip Live comedy club in New York City.

The comedy club intends to break the Guinness World Record for the longest stand up comedy show in history (50 straight hours) in a fundraiser for the U.S. troops. The show starts Tuesday, June 3, 8:30 PM and ends Thursday, June 5 at 10:30 PM. More than 100 comics are expected to perform as Ryan moderates.

Ryan is President of Rising Sun PR and he will endure almost anything for his clients. I met Ryan last October when he was summoned onstage at a NY comedy club and fitted with a plunger on his head that was supposed to suck out his brains.

Says Ryan: “I’ve often pulled 76-hour shifts in the past and can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complaining about doing a 10-hour shift. In one way, I hope this personal achievement inspires other publicists to take up a mania-work ethic and in another way, I hope it draws the ire & utter hatred from other publicists who slack and leave everyday at exactly 5:00 pm.

See Comic Strip Live Guiness World Record Event

NY Video 2.0 Moves Uptown

NYVideo 2.0 meets at the Hilton in New York CityMy favorite Meetup, NY Video 2.0, moves uptown next week. Will the leap “up” from Webster Hall to the Hilton mean that we will see more polished, entertaining presentations? Let’s see. 

NY Video 2.0 has grown to over 1,500 members and 500 are expected to attend Monday’s presentations when five start-ups each get five minutes of stage time to wow the audience. Some Video 2.0 presenters have become successful, some have disappeared (it would be nice to re-visit some past presenters to see how they have fared).

More “money people” are attending these meetings and the web video space is maturing. I’d like to see interactive, highly visual presentations that showcase the best talent and technology that New York has to offer.

Monday, May 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm

Hilton – New York
1335 6the avenue, Murray Hill Room
New York , NY 10019


  • EkkoTVAndrew Sternthal, Co-Founder & CEO
  • VusionGrover Righter, VP Marketing
  • BestTVOded Felled, Founder & VP BD
  • Magnify.netSteven Rosenbaum, Founder & CEO
  • AdotubeJoshua Winograd, Chief Revenue Officer

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Would you pay for Loren Feldman?

That’s the question tossed out in Twitterland as Loren, ganza macher of 1938Media, extends a west coast tour of social media hotspots in search of an answer. Here’s the Twitter from Loren yesterday: So I’ll be charging $0.99 for certain content. A couple vids a week. More details tomorrow.

Dave Winer puppet as seen on 1938MediaLoren is having big success with his new puppets. He moved quickly from Shel Israel to a hippie drippy paranoid Dave Winer, to an overzealous uber geekoid Robert Scoble.  He’s shooting impromptu videos and bunking with Jason McCabe Calacanis and Mike Arrington but the new standard of A-List social media cache eludes those two icons - they still don’t have puppets representing them on 1938Media.  

So, why would we possibly pay for 1938Media videos that we have grown accustomed to seeing for free? Three reasons off the top of my head:

  1. Loren needs the money. There has to be some way to monetize this creative font that amuses so many of us. I pay 99 cents for a bag of potato chips. Loren is worth that. Would that be ‘per-video’ or a time subscription?
  2. Support the puppets. Hey, the Shel Israel puppet is probably doing better than the real Shel right now. If I was Larry Ellison I would give the puppet stock options and sign him to a non-compete. Does that puppet have an agent?
  3. Let’s go off the deep end. How far would Loren go if he was behind a walled garden? I’ll pay to see the really good stuff … and it doesn’t have to be “Geeks Gone Wild.”

I spend a lot of time these days tripping around the incredibly rich and diverse New York theatre scene. Still, I flip on Jason’s Place just for kicks sometimes and think, wow, now this is entertainment. The web is desperately hungry for good, original content. There must be a way to encourage that with a little moolah.

New York Is Its Own News Cycle

NBC 4 NY - new 24 hour news show for New YorkNew York One has been a staple for us die hard news junkies for years. At its launch in 1992 it was an audacious experiment – a 24 hour TV channel devoted exclusively to New York City news. What was a pioneer move then now seems obvious – New York is its own news cycle. The city never stops so why should the news?

But NY1 never grabbed the essence of the news in New York.  After 12 years NY1 still seems like a quaint experiment and “quaint” is not how you want to characterize New York news. The days of Weegee scrambling after curbside shootings may be over but this is New York – we need some outsized personality with our news, especially in the digital age when TV viewership is shrinking.NY1

Well, NBC has announced that it is launching a 24 hour cable TV station devoted to New York news. The bigger news behind that announcement is how they intend to do it.

From NYTimes: “NBC’s plan calls for rebuilding Channel 4’s newsroom and melding its content closely with the new channel, as well as an existing locally oriented Web site and video displayed in places like gas pumps and taxi back seats. NBC will even take WNBC’s name off the Web site, wnbc.com, simply calling it NBC New York. Local news will still be shown on Channel 4.

The reason for the this “content-centric” approach is simple: we are getting more and more of our information from a variety of sources – for the first time people are getting more of their news from the web than from print or television.

This trend will continue and accelerate, and it radically changes the dynamic of how public relations services are conceived, packaged and delivered.

Related News: Bloomberg LLP plans expansion of news services. Norman Pearlstine, former top editor of Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal,  joins Bloomberg as Chief Content Officer.