Remembering MLK

Almost a year ago I wrote in PRBlogNews:

Rough day? Put it in perspective. The day before he was assassinated Martin Luther King gave a speech in which you are certain he knows he will be killed shortly. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, he carries it in his body. He’s been to the mountaintop, seen the promised land, he is ready to be taken.

The next day Robert Kennedy has to deliver the news of Martin Luther King’s death to an audience in Indianapolis. He quotes his favorite poet, Escalus, recounts the death of his brother, and asks for understanding, love and compassion between all people.

See videos of MLK & RFK and the rest of the story in MLK & RFK Brothers in battle

Today, I received the following comment on that post, a testimony to random acts of kindness and the long tail of the blogosphere. In the post I quote Escalus.

Thanks for posting this brief and thoughtful summary. It seems every year NPR posts a reminder of these brave acts and a search on Escalus brought me here.

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