Shel Israel Eaten by Puppet in Domain Brouhaha

You’d think that if you were a web 2.0 god, tied to the hip forever with Robert Scoble, the reluctant ubiquitous uber blogger and uniquely awful videographer, you would stake your claim to the web by reserving the domain of your name –  - like 10 years ago.

Shel Israel domain

Well, Loren Feldman, who has been unmercifully and hilariously mocking Shel on 1938Media for the past two weeks now owns ShelIsrael. And he’s replaced him with a puppet. Not surprisingly, the puppet of Shel is much more entertaining than Shel himself. In fact, I was on the floor, on my side, gasping from uncontrolled laughter watching the video below.  Shel finally found his purpose in web 2.0 – he is the inspiration for great video theatrical parody.

I have to say that what has disturbed me most about Shel is that he is one of the most notable instigators of the mealy pseudo British term kerfuffle which, in Brooklyn terms, means ‘kick in the balls’ but in polite British circles might mean ‘how dare you drop a cookie in my tea.’

What is really funny is that now Feldman owns and someone named ShelMaster was been imitating the real Shel Israel, leaving comments on 1938Media, threatening retaliation, although he links back to The pupeteering of Shel Israel.

The catalyst for this sudden rise in Shel Israel mockery is the launch of the new dreadful attempt by Fast Company to enter new media with Israel as old wheezing geezer. How long before they pull the plug on Global Neighborhoods  or do we really have to survive weeks of a thrilling series on “PR measurement”?

The Life Aquatic with Shel Israel



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