Remembering MLK

Almost a year ago I wrote in PRBlogNews:

Rough day? Put it in perspective. The day before he was assassinated Martin Luther King gave a speech in which you are certain he knows he will be killed shortly. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, he carries it in his body. He’s been to the mountaintop, seen the promised land, he is ready to be taken.

The next day Robert Kennedy has to deliver the news of Martin Luther King’s death to an audience in Indianapolis. He quotes his favorite poet, Escalus, recounts the death of his brother, and asks for understanding, love and compassion between all people.

See videos of MLK & RFK and the rest of the story in MLK & RFK Brothers in battle

Today, I received the following comment on that post, a testimony to random acts of kindness and the long tail of the blogosphere. In the post I quote Escalus.

Thanks for posting this brief and thoughtful summary. It seems every year NPR posts a reminder of these brave acts and a search on Escalus brought me here.

NY Video 2.0 Comes of Age

Webster Hall, New YorkThere was a different buzz to NY Video 2.0 at Webster Hall in Manhattan last Thursday – it was the buzz of money. Although there was a sparse showing when Yaron asked for VCs and financiers to raise their hands - they were engaged, it was real and the ‘money’ contingent is growing. Nothing sharpens your focus like the smell of money. That was evident in the sharp presentations and the pace of the show.  At its second turn at Webster Hall, NYV2 has settled into being a show, as it should be. And since this is New York the audience embodies a high degree of skepticism and discernment.  As it should.

Trickster Makes This World may be the Koran of the PR business but Slikstr mocks the web 2.0 phenom with such aplomb that it took a while to figure out it was a big goof on social media. A “customer generated company” looking to raise $2 million in backing, with a vague business plan and a slick video pitch – seemed real enough. To spoof without Webster Hall, New York City, NY Video 2.0insulting is a talent that escapes many of us, including some in the audience who nervously laughed when they realized the joke was them – all of us really.

Matt Feldman of presented Slikstr like Philip Marlowe if he was 20 years younger, born 50 years later, and was determined to be a macher in the space where the web and video and entertainment converge – the space we would all like to live in.  

Slikstr has positioned itself as the world’s first user-created and -controlled company in the world and, as such, is poised to usher in a new generation of web-related businesses. – from the Slikstr business plan

The question is – can you make money in that coveted video-web-entertainment triangle? Consider Damon Wayans’ big move to web TV and his belief that Hollywood-caliber talent has a big growing market on the web.  He calls “his legacy” Wayout TV, a multiplatform production company that has been incubating shows for the internet. (See Madison + Vine story).

Update:  is now a portal to the Meetup site, the Ning has been deactivated.

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- photos of Webster Hall by Mark Rose

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Shel Israel Eaten by Puppet in Domain Brouhaha

You’d think that if you were a web 2.0 god, tied to the hip forever with Robert Scoble, the reluctant ubiquitous uber blogger and uniquely awful videographer, you would stake your claim to the web by reserving the domain of your name –  - like 10 years ago.

Shel Israel domain

Well, Loren Feldman, who has been unmercifully and hilariously mocking Shel on 1938Media for the past two weeks now owns ShelIsrael. And he’s replaced him with a puppet. Not surprisingly, the puppet of Shel is much more entertaining than Shel himself. In fact, I was on the floor, on my side, gasping from uncontrolled laughter watching the video below.  Shel finally found his purpose in web 2.0 – he is the inspiration for great video theatrical parody.

I have to say that what has disturbed me most about Shel is that he is one of the most notable instigators of the mealy pseudo British term kerfuffle which, in Brooklyn terms, means ‘kick in the balls’ but in polite British circles might mean ‘how dare you drop a cookie in my tea.’

What is really funny is that now Feldman owns and someone named ShelMaster was been imitating the real Shel Israel, leaving comments on 1938Media, threatening retaliation, although he links back to The pupeteering of Shel Israel.

The catalyst for this sudden rise in Shel Israel mockery is the launch of the new dreadful attempt by Fast Company to enter new media with Israel as old wheezing geezer. How long before they pull the plug on Global Neighborhoods  or do we really have to survive weeks of a thrilling series on “PR measurement”?

The Life Aquatic with Shel Israel



Shel Israel Interviews the Construction Worker in the Village People