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While we wait for Governor Spitzer to cut his deal with the Feds before announcing his resignation, the State and the Lt. Governor are kept in the dark (there is a pun there, yes, since our new Governor is legally blind). The three Spitzer daughters, age 13, 15, 17, are the most tragic victims of this bizarre, albeit riveting, circus. They are the peak age when a very public betrayal such as this is most damaging and humilating. Do we see Eliot, docile and contrite, weeping about his failings on Oprah? Will his wife leave him?

One of the suprises in this politico sex scandal is the mash up between high-class prostitution and public relations. If we sometimes feel like prostitutes and pimps for our clients we have seen it illustrated in a new light thanks to the philandering Gov.  See Anais below, one of the “5 diamond” girls from the Emperors Club VIP, Eliot’s source for his girls.

Anais is 34D-24-34 (natural, of course) with sensual lips, blonde, with a great personality, says the ad. Here’s the kicker: she has a Masters in Public Relations so she can do some media pitching on the side, although her hourly rate (app. $1,500/hr) is somewhat prohibitive for smaller accounts. 

Governor Eliot Spitzer, New York, and the Emperors Club VIP


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