The Secret PR Weapon

Maneuvering in major political campaigns is all about public relations. This campaign for President has yielded some fascinating PR strategies that have worked at times and more often backfired.

Chelsea ClintonRudy Giuliani’s strategy to fashion a stump speech that characterized the people of New York as slovenly, out-of-control, criminal liberals bore him the intense animosity of the New York media and the people of this city. Bad move.

Barack Obama has run a brilliant campaign that is patterned after John Kennedy’s run for the White House. Obama, like Kennedy, does not have a slew of concrete accomplishments to promote. He does have a message of hope, change and reconciliation, and a Kennedy-like way of delivering it.

Hillary has her daughter Chelsea.  Those of us who watched the sometimes gawky over-protected little girl in the White House blossom into this shy but poised beautiful young woman feel an instant connection to the candidate that goes beyond her husband.

When Chelsea, in her sweet, soft, authentic voice, speaks about why “my Mom” should be President how do we say no? Chelsea has been an effective campaigner. She is swaying the youth vote in the states where she has been deployed and she is now on the campaign trail full-time. Could she make the difference in this election?  

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