PR/Media Week in Review 02-10-2008

POLITICS: Obama to the wire

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsWith Obama handily defeating Clinton in three primaries yesterday (Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington state), the two Democratic party front runners have nearly identical delegate counts. That means that late-stage primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, May 20, Montana and South Dakota, June 3, take on huge importance. The front-loaded Super Tuesday did not anoint the candidate.

In Obama’s victory speech last night in Virginia (primary this Tuesday) he concentrated on what sort of President he would be and his sharp differences with McCain. Both Obama and Clinton are transitioning into “Presidential” mode. Obama has momentum and money going into the next spate of primaries.  It is still hard to imagine him winning this thing despite his crowd-pleasing oratorical gifts

Author Doris Lessing, who holds the Nobel in literature, believes that Obama “would not last long” if he were President because somebody would surely assassinate him. See USA Today story. This is a story line not often mentioned these days but is certainly valid. Colin Powell refused to run for President because he believed he would be aggressively targeted for assassination.

WIRED BITCH RANT: Bruce Sterling Has Bad Hair Day & Bitch Slaps Flacks

What can you say to this blog post headline:

I’m Suffering An Evil Tidal Wave of Blogsurfing Public Relations Spam

WIRED reporter Bruce Sterling joins the Chris Anderson Support Group to Bitch Slap Flacks  with his post against publicists.  Sterling re-prints a media pitch with his own snide comments. Actually, the pitch is well-done and sounds relevant to me and it is Sterling who sounds like a whiner. It is definitely NOT spam.Solly Parton Comments are turned off for this post in case anybody has an opinion that may be contrary. Picking on publicists, especially when they pitch journalists with legitimate story ideas, is bush league, nasty and speaks more about the complainer. Did Sterling ever snatch a good idea for a story from a PR pitch, or find a source to flesh out a story?

MUTUAL SUPPORT: Dolly’s ‘Shock and Awe” 

Dolly Parton says her storied boobs, affectionately nicknamed “shock” and “awe,” belong to all of mankind. “They do seem like public property in a way. They served me well — I don’t know if I’m supporting them or they’re supporting me,” the country legend, 62, tells next month’s Ladies’ Home Journal. “I’ve always had nice ones but of course I’ve had ‘em jacked up a bit. And they’re part of the persona — it always takes a little pressure off me.”  

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  1. Ike says:

    There’s an easy way to make sure that no one will ever want to assassinate President Obama.

    Vice-President Dick Cheney. (Don’t laugh… the Obama/Cheney ticket couldn’t be any more philosophically disjointed than the Dukakis/Bentsen pairing was.)

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