PR/Media Week in Review 02-03-08

Journal on the move 

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, PR/Media Week in ReviewThe Wall Street Journal is moving to midtown. Freeing Journal editorial staff the from the ghosts of the past, Rupert the Terrible is boldly going where the Bancroft’s dared not. Journal staffers will soon be under the News Corp. umbrella at company headquarters on 1221 6th Avenue (48th street), known as “the canyon.”

The Journal, which has been at the World Financial Center since 1983, has had its main newsroom in Lower Manhattan since the paper was first published in 1889. is also going through changes. Already there is more color and more videos on the home page and Murdoch, for now, has decided to keep the paid subscription model.

Activist publicists 

According to ABC News, at least four different celebrities pressured Entertainment Tonight not to air the video of Heath Ledger at a party where drugs were being used. An email was circulated by Heath’s publicist Mara Buxbaum alerting people to the video and asking for their support. Natalie Portman, Josh Brolin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Page called producers of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider asking that the video not be aired. They were joined by other publicists and celebrities.

Mara Buxbaum is apparently not a fictitious name and like other power celeb publicists with seemingly fictitious names - Leslie Sloane Zelnick - she is linked to many and seen by few. Google Mara Buxbaum under “images” and you get clients such as Robin Williams, Winona Ryder, Mary Tyler Moore, Sean Penn, Kevin Kline, Christopher Walken, Luke Wilson, Christina Ricci, formerly Heath Ledger but no pics of Ms. Buxbaum.

According to the New York City Film Resource site : I/D Public Relations , Spring Street, New York City, is one of the entertainment industry’s leading publicity firms, representing actors, filmmakers, television programs and feature films. Kelly Bush heads the Los Angeles office; New York is headed by Mara Buxbaum and Ina Treciokas.

Société Générale PR Problem 

Société Générale went to great pains to paint Jérôme Kerviel as a devious rogue trader who somehow circumvented its otherwise impenetrable controls to cause $7.2 billion in losses. Problem is that according to a poll published in Le Figaro, 50 percent now blame SocGen’s management for the bank’s problems, while just 13 percent of the French public say Kerviel should be held responsible. The bank’s chief executive, so far surviving calls for his head, took out full-page ads to plead his case.

Question of the Week

Q:  Why is the Italian policeman stopping this motorcycle? ( Look carefully – see answer below)

 Italian policeman 

A:  She’s not wearing a helmet. You have to love the Italians.

Video of the Week

What else? Sarah Silverman is fu*#ing Matt Damon. She presented this clip to her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel on his show on the occasion of their 5th year together. The moment did not seem rehearsed and Kimmel did not seem amused when it was over. You have to love Sarah Silverman.


  1. Interesting round up you have here. I am a little confused about the use of “PR” in your blog when I see a majority of buzz building tactics going on here. Although, I must say that they are done in a much more preferred manner than what I have seen. With some development, you could have the quality of content I would like to read daily.

  2. Mark Rose says:

    Hey there: What you call buzz building I call link whoring. It’s my experiment in saying nothing, linking all over place, proclaiming this or that, and building an audience like Steve Rubel over at MicroConfusion. I am trying everything to become an A List blogger but I am terribly deficient in the social media category. Going to try Pouncing and Jaikuing and all that stuff.

  3. Roberto says:

    They are not italians.
    I’m italian and Police in italian is written “Polizia”.

    That’s a Czech Republic’s policemen.

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