Bare knuckle knockout politics ahead

Hillary takes a thumpin’ in South Carolina, Teddy Kennedy comes out today for Obama, Caroline Kennedy had an impassioned plea for Obama in a NYTimes Op-Ed yersterday, Kerry threw his French chin behind Obama a few weeks ago – for a guy who is about one word – CHANGE – Barack Obama is dragging the fossilized Democratic liberals along with him. The Republicans long for Ronald Reagan, the Democrats lust after another John Kennedy. Are we that disappointed with what is before us that we have to re-invent the past? 

What we are seeing in Barack Obama is a politician who is being hardened and honed by battering from combatants in his own party, especially Bill Clinton (who has more lives than our cat Mr. Darcy).  We are seeing Barack mature before our eyes with the posture and determination that seems channeled from the Illinois state senator many years back, Abraham Lincoln. We see that Hillary Clinton has fight in her that world leaders would be beholden to respect – she would kick Mitt Romney’s ass.

This is politics as it should be, house to house, precinct to precinct, state to state combat. Whoever survives to the general election will be battle tested, vetted, ready to be thrown into the ring. Sometimes you have to step back and marvel at the resilience and tenacity of our grand experiment in democracy. We survive so much. 

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