Friar’s Head to China

Who her?

Mark Rose / Michelle Oshen Friar's Club New York CityThis pic (left) was posted on 1938Media Friday night with the headline Mark Rose and Her. Her is Michelle Oshen, Loren Feldman’s main and only squeeze. We were outside the legendary Friar’s Club on East 55th Street and the three of us – Loren snapped away on his iPhone - were between courses on an Olympian steamer, lobster and cheesecake for me (yeah, real) and dessert for them orgy between the Billy Crystal Room and the main dining room that has the vibe of a church to comedy … actually a monastery.  The Friar’s I remember – Buddy Hackett, Shecky Green, Alan King, Dean Martin, Frankie, Sammy, the whole Rat Pack, they were the real deal, the crazy drunken foul-mouthed bums from 60′s TV specials who gave us, for an hour on black and white TV, a glimpse into the good life unhinged, the carefree glamor that characterized the best of the late 50s and the 60s before the Vietnam war.  

Loren is talking crazy about China. How big is China? Unfathomable. What does it take to crack the China market? China is an entrepreneurial mecca, the great story of our generation. China has had a tremendous impact on our economy and it will only increase exponentially. So Loren is heading to China “within the next 30 days” at a propitious time. The faltering U.S. economy is rippling bad news through the world economy and China’s business practices sometimes seem more important than our own. If we’re going to do business together we should find a way to talk to each other in a language we can understand. 

 More on that later.


  1. I can’t comment with any authority on trade relations, although I can acknowledge your thought that the “faltering U.S. economy” isn’t fostering any confidence in the global community. Add to that gestalt our bullying posture and it’s a very unpleasant picture.

    What I can say is that I think of the true Friars as the romantically rogue-ish gang you mentioned, not, you know, Lisa Lampanelli.

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