Where Would We Be Without TMZ?

Like ATMs, cell phones and the Blackberry, it’s hard to imagine life without the hot news celebrity gossip site. Right now they are camped out with two live feeds in front of the TMZ.comcourthouse waiting for Britney to arrive. Yesterday they caught Britney on a shopping outing with her new highly questionable … and still married … escort paparazzi Adnan Ghalib. She was  screaming f**k you to the hordes of paps and baby talking in her new fake British accent. And today she goes before the Judge (if she shows up) in her custoidy hearing. Good luck!

Does Britney know that she’s sleeping with the enemy? Does she know anything anymore? She wants to convert to Islam, she reportedly wanted to fake her own death and move to Pakistan, she held off cops topless and cursing in her home last week with her kids before being hauled into the hospital for psych tests. How do we know this – the same way lawyers, prosecutors, journalists and Judges get the latest on Britney – they read TMZ.

Just when you think the Britney story can’t get any more bizarre it ramps up to another level. Is that the definition of a train wreck? It is horrible and destructive yet you cannot look away.

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