Clemens Plays Fastball PR – High & Inside

Roger Clemens, Manny RamirezThe Rocket is in total command of his stuff. He launched the YouTube video to tell the truth (see hilarious remix video below), he snagged “60 Minutes” with his old pal Mike Wallace and he beautifully manipulated the pre-interview publicity.  Here is a guy who is total master of his image. Those weren’t steroids or human growth hormones being injected into his touchas, those were vitamins. (see left, The Rocket launching a high hard one in on Manny Ramirez who did not appreciate the gesture. Too many vitamins!).

Mike Wallace made Clemens swear that he did not take steroids and he swore, like in the schoolyard when Vinny swears he didn’t kiss your girlfriend. The “60 Minutes” interview with Clemens and Wallace is Sunday but we already know what’s in it thanks to some well-placed leaks: “He was first rate and forward with me,” Wallace said.  Surprise, surprise. See The New York Times piece. Clemens did not have to suffer the indignity of coming into a studio. Wallace taped the segment today at the Clemens Texas home.


  1. Nascar says:

    Love the video, it was hilarious. My children injected human growth hormones into Mike Wallace. Classic.

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