Hillary Pulls Straight Flush in Vegas

The odds were that Barack Obama and John Edwards were going to score major points in the Presidential debates in Las Vegas last night. There were chinks in Hillary’s armor and this was the moment they were going to exploit her weaknesses. What happened? She smoked ‘em.

Get used to it. Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party candidate for President and she will defeat whoever the Republicans run. This video snippet will show you why. She is smart, she can be tough, she knows how to manage a campaign, she has been through the mill and then some and she is still smiling and thriving, and she can play the crowd (now, where did she learn that from?). See Clinton’s Winning Fight Night, Slate, 11/16/07

Alex Rodriquez Comes to His Senses – What Next?

Did I call it , or what? There was only one way out of this mess for Alex Rodriguez and he is taking that route. To understand America you must understand baseball. And there is no baseball like Yankee baseball in high drama, historic, Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankeeselevated, pressurized, steeped in the media and finance capital of the universe. Apparently Alex Rodriguez, once tasting the smothering scorn and unfettered love of New York, does not want to languish with the “Toledo Mud Hens,” as Yankee owner Hank Steinbrenner refers to every basball team but the Yankees. The Yankees don’t have to win the World Series to get all the attention. The most successful franchise in sports history has manifest destiny on its side.

Alex Rodriguez did the honorable thing (see Stay-Rod? Alex Rodriguez tells New York Yankees he wants to stay with the team, USA Today) because he would have been hounded and scorned the rest of his living days if he did not. No amount of money is worth that sort of public derision, especially days before you are about to be named MVP.

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees and his wife CynthiaI bet that Derek Jeter had something to do with this. I bet that A-Rod called Jeter and he got a lesson in Yankee loyalty and pride, tradition that cannot be traded, bought or disrespected. “Part of it is obviously him proving he really wants to be a Yankee, and I think he’s doing that,” Hank Steinbrenner said today of A-Rod’s approach to the Yankees sans punk agent BorAss. “We know there are other opportunities for us, but Cynthia and I have a foundation with the club that has brought us comfort, stability and happiness,” A-Rod said in a statement.

Dig it, from the PRBlogNews Week in Review, Sunday, Nov. 4:

A-Rod has only one way out of this: fire his punk agent and make a deal with the Yankees, apologize to his teammates and the people of New York, and dedicate the rest of his career to earning his place among top Yankees like Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle, and yes, Derek Jeter. Make the move, Alex, and you can go from being a hapless goat to a huge hero in the biggest media market in the universe. Otherwise your life will be purgatory no matter where you land, and a living hell in New York, no matter how esteemed your accomplishments. – BorAss Reamed in the Bronx, PRBlogNews, 11/04/07

Now, here’s what A-Rod should do next to repair his image:

  • Cut a deal with the Yankees before he’s named MVP next week.
  • Hold a press conference with his wife and profess deep unending love for New York and the Yankees. Say that if he is blessed to go to the Hall of Fame he is going as a Yankee. Dedicate his life to getting a 27th world title for the Yankees.
  • If he manages to cry to during the press conference he could instantly take his place next to Lou Gehrig. He should not say that he considers himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth, that is going too far.


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Lonerbook Launches – Nobody Notices

LonerbookLonerbook, an anti-social utility that keeps you from connecting with people around you, launched days ago, in case you haven’t noticed. “Finally, a web site for people like us” original members may be Larry David, J.D. Ted KazynskiSalinger, Theodore Kaczynski (right), Axl Rose and Bobby Fischer.

Benefits of Lonerbook:

  • avoid photos or publish manifestos
  • no profiles
  • don’t worry about getting any news from acquaintances
  • Don’t join any networks so you won’t have to see people who live, study, or work around you

Eric Starkman, originator of Lonerbook, would not comment on the rumor that AOL offered $6 billion for the anti-social non-network.

Pakistanis Join World Blog Resistance

Pakistanis are finding ways to break through the info-crackdown by General Musharraf and his gang by getting Pakistan blog resistancesatellite dishes and becoming info warriors.  They are connecting to the Internet and outside news sources and they are blogging from inside the country and aggregating reports from other bloggers. As we have seen from crackdowns in other countries, information has a way of getting out because people are determined to be free. Lest we forget, this is most powerful and long-lasting pupose of the Internet and it is the obligation of all bloggers to support freedom of expression throughout the world.

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Rockumockumentary Premieres on VH1

Bex Schwartz wrote and directed her first documentary that’s sort of one part “Meet the Rutles,” one part “Behind the Music” and many, many parts of kickawesomeness – says Bex. It’s a mock-documentary, and it rocks. It’s a Rock Band Cometh: The Rock Band Story on VH1rockumockumentary. It’s about the most legendary band ever to rock out on plastic instruments. They’re not just any band … They’re ROCK BAND BAND.

The world premiere of ROCK BAND COMETH: THE ROCK BAND BAND STORY was yesterday on VH1. Narrated by Kurt Loder and featuring many rock and roll luminaries like Dave Mustaine, Dee Snider, Amy Lee, Mark Goodman (from MTV!), Anthony DeCurtis, Tesla, KT Tunstall, Andrew WK and many more, ROCK BAND COMETH chronicles the rise and fall and the subsequent additional risings and fallings of ROCK BAND BAND.  Check it out. VH1 air times:

   11/12/2007 04:00:00 P Monday
   11/12/2007 12:30:00 A Monday
   11/13/2007 06:30:00 P Tuesday
   11/18/2007 11:30:00 A Sunday
   11/19/2007 11:00:00 P Monday
   11/19/2007 02:30:00 A Monday
   11/20/2007 06:30:00 P Tuesday
   11/25/2007 10:30:00 P Sunday