PodCampNYC2 Announced – It’s in Bklyn!

PodCamp2 NYC is in Brooklyn.

PodCamp NYC Wows The Masses , April 9, 2007, was a revelation for me. In one location teeming with idealists and raw talent I saw the personification of all that was wrong with the public relations business and why PR would fail at social media. Among the 1,000 or so scraggly masses I ran into at PodCampNYC there was only one other PR person and he was purely ‘underground’ – his day job was with a big agency in Washington D.C. If PR could recognize and harness this Podcast/Blogging/Video talent we would have a real revolution on our hands.

Fat chance. In the seven months since that seminal event social media for PR has zoomed like a rocket and fizzled like a Challenger o-ring disaster. Steve Rubel says we should try talking to human beings again. It is encouraging that Rubel is finally getting his head out of his Twitter but those of us who have heard him rant might prefer he stick to gadgets. It’s like Terminator when the circuits go haywire. What can you say? There is no ‘Second Life’ in the cutthroat PR agency business.

But now PodCampNYC2 is coming (I refuse to call it 2.0) and we have reason to rejoice.

Register now and get updates and become part of the community. PodCampNYC2 threatens to be cooler than its predecessor if only because it is in Brooklyn, my home borough. Also, I will be presenting (if the ‘un-conference’ Gods will it) about how you, or virtually anybody (maybe even Steve Rubel) can use traditional and alternative PR (‘social media’) to promote yourself, build a company, and make money. It takes common sense and a roadmap. Otherwise, hire Edelman for $15-$20K a month and they might throw in a copy of the “Trust Barometer” to codify what you already know.

WHAT:  PodCamp2 (does this sound like a sequel to a movie starring Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd?)

WHERE: Brooklyn Polytechnic University (the hub of bridge and tunnel intelligensia)

WHEN: Two days, February 29th and Saturday, March 1st, 2008. (freeze your touchas off)

WHY:  Because we want to have fun. (and we got out of the office, off billable time)

MORE:  The new site is up at www.podcampnyc.org (thanks to the kind and talented sponsor, Jon Mandell and Confabb.com), so please go and sign up for PCNYC2.  You can register to attend/watch  the event, and then sign up for a session. 

“Ideas From The Community” and the “Helping Teachers” Wiki Pages

It’s all about collaboration – wiki pages are established for input.  See Ideas From The Community, the place where participants (you) list ideas you have for the conference, whether it is sessions you’d like to see, ways you’d like to volunteer, or a listing of your URL to network before the event (no straight pitches, please).  

The second wiki page, Helping Teachers is to make 2 more relevant to the NYC area with outreach to teachers to help them learn/implement new media ideas for their students.  The desire is to take the amazing learning and resources from conferences like ours and work to connect speakers/participants with local NYC area teachers to help them and their students best embrace the tools and ideas we hold so dear. 

Other thoughts?  Add them to the PodCampNYC2 wiki page.

John Havens, BlogTalkRadio, PodCamp 2Again, a huge thank you to John Havens (left), Lead Organizer for PodCampNYC 1 & 2. Modesty and propriety forbids John from any false commercialization of the event but those rules do not apply here, so make sure you check out BlogTalkRadio, BlogTalkRadiowhere John works now. Want to create a professional, highly promotable call-in Internet radio show for your client? Talk to John.


  1. Eric Skiff says:

    Hehe, I think the unconference gods would actually strike us down if we tried to stop you from speaking! We’ve got a momentary glitch on the site that’s preventing users from adding their sessions, but we’re getting it sorted ASAP, hopefully it’ll be cleared up in the next day or two.

    Thanks for the great writeup – looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Thanks, Mark, for the kind words. Really appreciated and can’t wait to hear you speak at PCNYC2. (Notice I didn’t say 2.0). :)


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