Monday Morning Coming Down

“No news?”

“Make news.”

The client, your boss, your so-called co-workers. And who among them can you trust? They all want a piece of you this morning. And it probably won’t get better through the week. It’s the nature of the game, especially in New York. They want hits, results, ink is still the oil that greases the wheels in the PR world. Media. So, it never changes. So you go to the NYC marathon and 2 million participants (there are no ‘spectators’ in the NYC marathon) yell and scream ‘you can do it’ ‘keep going’ ‘never give up’. Who can ask for more inspiration than that? From the NYC Marathon, Nov. 4, 2007:

New York City Marathon 2007

Above – Coming around the turn off Marcus Garvey Park, heading down 5th avenue, a little after Mile 22, the women front runners approach

New York City Marathon Women's Frontrunners

 Above – the front runner, Paula Radcliffe, went on to win the race, her 10 month old daughter Isla waiting at the finish line in Central Park

See NYTimes, 11/3/07 Training Through Pregnancy to Be Marathon’s Fastest Mom


Rappin the Marathon, Harlem USA

Above – Rappin the Marathon, Harlem, USA


New York City Marathon 2007 Harlem USA

Above - May be a sprint. May be a marathon. Happy running.


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