Calacanis & Feldman Dribble To The Death?

Mahalo Man, mega blogger, Brooklyn-to-Brentwood ex-fatboy Jason McCabe Calacanis has accepted the challenge of a Loren Feldman, 1938Media, and Michelle Oshenone-on-one basketball face-off from 1938 Media Man Loren Feldman, the Charles Barkley of video blogging. The stakes are high. The loser has to surrender his blog for a day and suffer the indignity of the winner assuming his persona, so for one day we will be stuck with either Jason Feldman or Loren McCabe Calacanis.

Terms were solidified for the epic face-off at the dim sum fest in Chinatown, lower Manhattan last night before 50 or so munching geeks who accepted Calacanis’ Facebook dim sum invitation. (Above right) Feldman and Michelle Oshen between dim sum courses, both recovering from recent Twitter sex.

Jason McCabe CalacanisThe tip off for the epic basketball showdown is this Saturday at an undisclosed location. It is a 11 point game, half court. Feldman, who has been Twitter-baiting the baby-faced Calacanis (left) for Bob Cousydays about his size, speed, and penis size, was supremely confident through all six courses of mountains of Chinese food.

“He says he’s fast. Does he look fast? He’s a chubby Greek kid,” said Feldman, who obviously has not seen Calacanis’ basketball publicity shot (right). A quick search shows that Calacanis was All-City guard for the Xavier Xeons in Brooklyn, and was scouted by the Boston Bruins before a rotator cuff injury nixed a pro careeer and he decided to take out his aggressions as an entrepreneuer.

Our prediction: Feldman 11-8 over Calacanis. We go with the current Vegas book of 3-1 on Feldman. Calacanis may be able to outsmart Feldman but brute force will win out.

Stay tuned to PRBlogNews for a wrap-up of the epic face-off this weekend.

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