PR Drives A-Rod & BorAss Money Show

New York Daily News Sports section Alex Rodriquez and the YankeesI am still pissed at punk agent Scott BorAss for opting-out of his star client’s contract with the Yankees in such a tasteless and disrespectful way. It has been clear that BorAss is manipulating the Yankees and baseball with aggressive PR tactics meant to squeeze the last ounce of gelt from any possible baseball club owner he can wangle. See Alex Rodriquez still hoping for chance to stay with Yankees in the New York Daily News (left).

During this latest round of A-Rod acting out like an attention deprived emotional adolescent, Hank Steinbrenner, George’s son now in control of the Yankees, proved that the apple does not fall far from the tree when he called the press directly to give his blunt two cents about all this. He also proved that, like his pop in younger days, he doesn’t need to filter his remarks through a spokesperson like Howard Rubenstein.

What Hank said was admirable. There should be a personal premium to being a Yankee and the highest paid player in baseball. It’s different than being the highest paid player in baseball and a “Toledo Mud Hen” – presumably every other ball club but the Yankees. You have to show that you want to be a Yankee and that you understand and respect all that entails. Being a Yankee is a higher calling, it penetrates deeper, it lasts longer. Can you feel it Alex?

A-Rod spit on that tradition by refusing to even speak to Yankee management directly and letting his agent/flack say screw you during the World Series. The Commissioner’s office chastised BorAss and A-Rod for such naughty behavior but Selig should go further. The dynamic duo should be fined for attempting to upstage the Red Sox’s well-earned victory.

Meanwhile, A-Rod is intimating once again that he is a poor misunderstood $300 million star. He wants to talk? Like my mother used to say when I didn’t call her: What happened, you broke your dialing finger? Stop maneuvering, Alex, pick up the phone and make a deal. Learn something from Joe Torre and how he conducts himself. Or else go join the Toledo Mud Hens. Maybe you’ll find love out there in the hinterlands, far from the scrutiny and intensity of New York.

I am not a Met fan but if the Mets are supid enough to sign A-Rod I promise to go to every Met game possible for the singular pleasure of booing A-Rod. I doubt that Alex Rodriquez can walk down the streets of New York these days without suffering vocal derision. How’s that for a total PR turnaround for the guy was a hero for hitting his 500th homer in a Yankee uniform?

Perhaps it’s time for A-Rod to hire Rubenstein. First PR move for A-Rod: apologize to the people of New York and the Yankees for ill-advised behavior, then allocate 10% of your salary to local charities. What’s the odds on that happening?

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