Hot News. Go See Mandy Caligulamiller

Last year she was New York’s funniest reporter. This year she is trying to be the Boston Red Sox of New York media comics (something like that). Is it possible for Mandy Stadtmiller to become the funniest stand-up comic in all of New York City? Yeah, it’s Mandy Stadtmiller, columnist, New York Postpossible. And George Steinbrenner might fly up to Westchester, hat in hand, and beg Joe Torre to return to the Yankees. Seriously folks, Mandy Stadtmiller aka Caligulamiller was a riot at her last appearance. She has that edge that’s really funny. Besides, it’s her birthday, and everything else. What else? Let her tell you. I’ll just cut and paste her email.

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Social Media Club World Tour Hits New York

Declared dead earlier this summer, the Social Media Club is back. And this time it’s personal!

Okay, for our mainstream readers, the Social Media Club was founded a little over a year ago “for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and for promoting media literacy.” According to their literature, “This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an organization and a community where the many diverse groups of people who care about social media can come together to discover, connect, share and learn.”

Well, that went nowhere.

Not to be denied, SMC co-founder Chris Heuer is now on a World Tour: “Business is Personal Again.” The latest stop on this pilgrimage is tomorrow night (Tues. 10/23) at Cooper Union. Despite Heuer’s commandment “Give without expectations of getting,” it’s $15 for non-members and $5 for members. 

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PR Week in Review 10-21-07

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsYesterday I saw “Die Mommie Die,” a campy off-Broadway musical with a title we can certainly all relate to. About an hour into the show I thought of Amanda Chapel. After all, the lead is played by a man (Charles Busch) playing a woman (Angela) who secretly poisoned her sister and assumed her identity and later tried to kill her husband (this is all revealed during a LSD trip, no less). She’s a ballsy character with a sense of bitchy entitlement and she wins in the end despite the relentless lashing of her enemies. The PR blogger camp musical with the same plot line could have been called “Die Amanda Die” but she wouldn’t. Amanda was no Joan of Arc. She was a nasty spectral presence. Knives went through her and only seemed to feed her resolve.

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Scoble the Town Crier

No time to post today, anyway Loren says it all. Check the comments at the 1938 Media site. Amusing.

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PR Week in Review 10.14.07

Amanda won’t die. When do we cross to the other side?

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, Week in ReviewSince there are no rules here, and I would break them if there were, I am hijacking the Week in Review from the apparently defunct Strumpette. It has been nearly a week since Amanda Chapel called it quits and set off fireworks from the blogerati, both fans and enemies. She seems to have a lot of both.

The venting, confessions, and accusations are focused mostly on the falsity of anonymity of the character and the off-blog attacks by said character. Apparently, Amanda has a temper. Amanda can be bitchy and damning and accusatory and inflexible, unreasonable and some would say, inappropriate. If there is a line Amanda strolls right up and maybe spits over.

I understand being upset by calls to superiors and colleagues, voicemail messages that don’t exactly tweet Happy Birthday. I would recoil and defend myself if I were so victimized.

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