BorAss PR Stunt Spits on Baseball

SCOTT BORASS HAPPY HALLOWEEN… spits on baseball in New York and Boston, and everywhere. The Yankees should not negotiate with Alex Rodriquez, Boston should not negotiate with A-Rod – on this one New York and Boston should agree. Boras is an ass and Alex Rodriquez may possess great natural ability as a ballplayer but he doesn’t have enough class to be a Yankee or a Red Sock. (Happy Halloween says Super Agent Scott BorAss, left).

BorAss releases news of A-Rod’s historic opt-out during the World Series? In Boston? He leaves a message on Yankee GM Brian Cashman’s voicemail and runs the news on AP? What kind of punk PR power stunt is that – upstaging the Red Sox victory and disrespecting the Yankees and baseball with tough guy negotiating theatrics?

Maybe this is a blessing for New York. Rodriquez shows his true colors – all that nonsense about finding New York home was his baby negotiating stance. At least Torre had the cajones to go down to Tampa to look Steinbrenner in the eye. Rodriquez did not even return phone calls or have the courtesy to speak to Yankee management. 

 See Rodriquez is a Bauble a Champion Doesn’t Need by Selena Roberts, The New York Times.  A-Rod is a “chiller,” he doesn’t fire up teams. All he sees in the mirror is a reflection of himself and that reflection does not perform when the pressure is really on.

A-Rod can take his MVP and shove it up his BorAss. New Yorkers have a loooong memory about slights like this. How long? Some, many actually, have never forgiven the Dodgers for ripping the heart out of Brooklyn and moving to L.A. in 1958. That’s a long time. It’s generational.

SEE:  Hank Steinbrenner on A-Rod: ‘He Doesn’t Want to Be a Yankee’ The New York Times “Bats” Blog

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