FEMA Fakes News Conference Carried Live on FOX

FEMA staged a phony news conference that was carried live on FOX TV.  Employees posing as reporters asked softball questions so FEMA officials could effuse about how well they were handling the disasterous wildfire situation in California earlier in the week. Seems like those ugly out-of-control press conferences for Katrina were too much for the agency to handle. Even the White House is pissed.

See Washington Post story that broke the news.

See video of fake press conference.

See AP story.

QUESTION: And from what we understand, the questions were posed not by reporters but by staffers. And that distinction was not made known. Is that appropriate?

PERINO: It is not. It is not a practice that we would employee here at the White House or that we — we certainly don’t condone it. We didn’t know about it beforehand. … It’s not something I would have condoned. … FEMA is responsible.  See White House Condemns FEMA’s fake presser

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