Social Media Club World Tour Hits New York

Declared dead earlier this summer, the Social Media Club is back. And this time it’s personal!

Okay, for our mainstream readers, the Social Media Club was founded a little over a year ago “for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and for promoting media literacy.” According to their literature, “This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an organization and a community where the many diverse groups of people who care about social media can come together to discover, connect, share and learn.”

Well, that went nowhere.

Not to be denied, SMC co-founder Chris Heuer is now on a World Tour: “Business is Personal Again.” The latest stop on this pilgrimage is tomorrow night (Tues. 10/23) at Cooper Union. Despite Heuer’s commandment “Give without expectations of getting,” it’s $15 for non-members and $5 for members. 

Heuer has been rolling across the country since he regaled San Francisco with “a fascinating look at how we are preserving our memories and sharing them with our loved ones.”  Heuer then developed a 21-slide PowerPoint, “Business is Personal again.” To a throng of admirers at the recent Blog Orlando conference, he challenged American business with such pearls as: “Live the life, love the life;” “Trust the conversation;” “Personal pronouns are okay!;” and “Have you ever tried to ‘manage’ a relationship with a spouse or loved one? Perhaps that is why it doesn’t work with customers either.”

Now Heuer is in New York with the message “Give people a chance.” We were able to secure an advance copy of the presentation: Heuer kissing his wife (the ocean in the background, very Tony Robbins). Heuer’s best friend smiling blissfully. Heuer with his arm around some other guy. 

“Start with a presumption of trust,” states Heuer, a message we all need to hear in New York for sure. 

So, if you want to find personal satisfaction without the worry of making money or working with anyone you don’t like or respect – and who doesn’t – then give it up for Chris Heuer and his merry band of Social Mediaites tomorrow night at Cooper Union.

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