PR Week in Review 10.14.07

Amanda won’t die. When do we cross to the other side?

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews, Week in ReviewSince there are no rules here, and I would break them if there were, I am hijacking the Week in Review from the apparently defunct Strumpette. It has been nearly a week since Amanda Chapel called it quits and set off fireworks from the blogerati, both fans and enemies. She seems to have a lot of both.

The venting, confessions, and accusations are focused mostly on the falsity of anonymity of the character and the off-blog attacks by said character. Apparently, Amanda has a temper. Amanda can be bitchy and damning and accusatory and inflexible, unreasonable and some would say, inappropriate. If there is a line Amanda strolls right up and maybe spits over.

I understand being upset by calls to superiors and colleagues, voicemail messages that don’t exactly tweet Happy Birthday. I would recoil and defend myself if I were so victimized.

Personally, I keep it to the blog. I can’t get worked up enough about what goes on here to spill it into the physical world. Blogs, and the Internet in general are a free fire zone where we can express ourselves, sometimes heatedly or passionately, sometimes in the moment and spontaneously, sometimes out of pure anger, sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes honestly about what is on our minds at that moment.

When I created this blog I posted pics of the Museum of the Grafitti Hall of Fame on 106th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan. This is New York, where communication is visceral, memoralized in schoolyards sprayed with the hieroglyphics of our time. That’s what this blog is, a place to mix it up and throw an elbow and drive to the basket and maybe get hacked along the way. Then you leave the schoolyard and go to the rest of your life. Where I grew up, guys who made the scoolyard the parameters of their lives are now dead, in jail, or have gone on to successful careers in PR. 

Amanda, whoever she is, apparently has a compulsion to mix it up all the time. Sometimes its one-on-one and sometimes it’s in a gang setting. I don’t see any rules. I don’t see a ref anyway. And I see a lot of people who don’t even want to play this game. It’s uncomfortable and it challenges deeply rooted behavior. But what is the proper conduct for an instigator? If there is “proper” conduct are they really instigating?

Counter that with Robert French’s comments on his blog InfOpinions . French leads a chorus that is hysterical and typical of someone who might rage alone in a corner because he has been challenged and feels slighted. This is the sort of academic conceit that does not want to deal with any questions about “accepted” authority or opinions. When French got some comments that did not fit in with his support group of poor slighted bloggers, he turned off comments. So much for the “conversation.”

For now, apparently Amanda is still with us in some back alley way, challenging hypocrisy as she remains cloaked in anonymity. It makes me uncomfortable and it makes French seethe in a blog walled off for bloggers cowering from Amanda’s “threats.”


  1. For sure Amanda was a bully. But she was always an entertaining read.


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