Media Comics Plunge PR Guy at Comedy Fest

New York Underground Comedy Festival, 2nd Annual “New York’s Funniest Reporter” Contest, October 3 — After the reporters were done with their stand-up routines, the Psychic Madman (top left) called for the festival’s PR guy, Ryan McCormick (top seated) of RisingSunPR. With plunger on head, held down by two people from the audience, Ryan had his brain sucked out. Was anything in it? We’re still waiting for the results.

Mandy Stadtmiller, 2006 Funniest Reporter Champion, performing last night at Gotham Comedy ClubSean McCarthy of the New York Daily News was pronounced the winner of the competition by the two judges, Laurel Touby of MediaBistro and Emily Gould of Gawker.  We don’t know what their criteria was but Julia Allison (Star Magazine), Nikki Eagan (NBC), Robert George (New York Post), and Tasha Harris (Stagetime Magazine) were really good.

So, are New York reporters funny? Hell yes. And they’re edgy and topical, and they write good material.  Julia Allison, sex columnist, delivered jokes mostly about … sex … reading from Legally Blonde-like pink iMac. Robert George represented all the “black West Indian Republican reporters” in the audience. He explained that his suit was actually a “Taxicab Opportunity Enhancement Device” and he likened the Iraq war to a “really messed up drive-by.” Nikki Eagan was a riot and Mandy Stadtmiller (New York Post), photo left, last year’s winner, delivered material that was funny and really way out there – I loved it. Robert George came in second, Julia Allison was third. Stadtmiller was not part of this year’s competition.

Proceeds went to Operation Uplink , a program that keeps military personnel and hospitalized veterans in touch with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free phone card. The New York City Underground Comedy Festival continues until October 7.

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