How do you use video on the web?

This is how you use video on the web. Tell a story, make it compelling, overcome adversity, persevere, further free speech and free expression, integrate with music and real news … make it drama. Is there better PR than this?

I picked this up from They live up to their name. 

BorAss PR Stunt Spits on Baseball

SCOTT BORASS HAPPY HALLOWEEN… spits on baseball in New York and Boston, and everywhere. The Yankees should not negotiate with Alex Rodriquez, Boston should not negotiate with A-Rod – on this one New York and Boston should agree. Boras is an ass and Alex Rodriquez may possess great natural ability as a ballplayer but he doesn’t have enough class to be a Yankee or a Red Sock. (Happy Halloween says Super Agent Scott BorAss, left).

BorAss releases news of A-Rod’s historic opt-out during the World Series? In Boston? He leaves a message on Yankee GM Brian Cashman’s voicemail and runs the news on AP? What kind of punk PR power stunt is that – upstaging the Red Sox victory and disrespecting the Yankees and baseball with tough guy negotiating theatrics?

Maybe this is a blessing for New York. Rodriquez shows his true colors – all that nonsense about finding New York home was his baby negotiating stance. At least Torre had the cajones to go down to Tampa to look Steinbrenner in the eye. Rodriquez did not even return phone calls or have the courtesy to speak to Yankee management. 

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FEMA Fakes News Conference Carried Live on FOX

FEMA staged a phony news conference that was carried live on FOX TV.  Employees posing as reporters asked softball questions so FEMA officials could effuse about how well they were handling the disasterous wildfire situation in California earlier in the week. Seems like those ugly out-of-control press conferences for Katrina were too much for the agency to handle. Even the White House is pissed.

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Few Spots Left for Fab Video 2.0 October Meetup

When:  Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 7:00 PM

Where: For Your Imagination Studios
22 West 27th Street 6th Floor
New York , NY 10001
(866) 475-6908

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Giuliani’s Push to Save America

Rudy Giuliani and Hillary CLinton