PR Week in Review 09-30-07

You say you want a revolution.

The uprising in Burma-Myanmar reached a fevered pitch this week and reminded us of Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewshow important blogging can be. Citizen journalists on the ground reported on skirmishes and posted graphic pictures of death and bloodshed as photographers were cut down by gunfire and monks were killed, beaten, corralled and confined. We may choose not to react, or we may find ourselves impotent against a far off military regime, but we cannot claim ignorance. When the junta cut Internet access I really felt their pain. I am tethered to the Internet at least six hours a day and life without it seems inconceivable. When Myanmar blogs went black it was a cruel reminder that there are still places in the world that can enslave its people and prevent the rest of humanity from peering in. See the rest of the story on Strumpette.

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