Eye into Burma-Myanmar

Be happyThe uprising in Burma-Myanamar has legs, as they say. It could well prove a turning point in the sad history of that country, or it may preclude another 1988-style mass killing.  Like many previous disasters, the best raw news and pctures, and some videos, are coming from citizen journalists and bloggers. Many Myanmar bloggers are well established sources, others are proving to be adept aggregators. One thing they have in common, they all depend on the Internet. There are many reports that the government has cut phone and Internet access. Some report that there is strife within the junta and the military is split into factions fighting itself.

Great central source for news within the country: burmamayanmargenocide.

Last dispatches:


28 Sep 07, 17:38 Niknayman: Still shooting at Kyauk Myaung, Thida Road. They are catching even the people who fled away by climbing up trees.

28 Sep 07 – Myo Thant: AMERICAN JOURNALIST DEAD? Several internet sources says An American news reporter (in green shirt and blue jeans) [Click to see photo.] was also shot. His dead/wounded body was taken away by the Burmese soldiers. An analyst says all traces of this tragic man could be eliminated. We’re seeking hotels and travel agencies if they knew this man.

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