Boom Gal Breasts Bust on ABC

Amanda Congdon Rocketboom gal busts on ABCAmanda Congdon (right) is leaving after a one year experiment bridging new and old media that elicited mostly yawns.  If we are to believe FarkNews, Amanda’s breasts were not enough for the Rocketboom star to sustain a gig with the big network. 

Says Drunk IT Guy:

She’s pretty cute.. But she’s also really ditzy and self-absorbed..

If you ever see her just rattling away in front of a camera, it’s about the most boring thing you could ever witness..

Imagine a 13yo telling you about her day for over an hour, that’s what it’s like..

Congdon made some news herself at ABC. Last March it was reported that she was freelancing videos for Dupont, the chemical company. She defended her actions by saying she wasn’t a jounalist. ABC News then publicly supported her deal with Dupont.

“It’s been a great year with Amanda — a great experiment for both of us. We thank her for her many contributions and know that she’s about to embark on new endeavors and expect there will be times in the future that we can again work together,” ABC said in a statement.

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