PR Week in Review 09-16-07

Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNewsIt was an intense high chatter PR week that began with Osama bin Looney lobbing verbal and visual bombs from a cave in Pakistan, and ending with George Bush, the Great Bumbler, desperately seeking understanding and legitimacy in a world disinclined to bestow either. Bush’s spin of “building on success” comes three years after “Mission Accomplished.” What does it mean? He intends to pull back a fraction of the 30,000 more troops that he recently sent in to finish the job that he says was already completed. Stripped bare of Rove, standing alone even among Republicans, Bush is looking and sounding more and more like Alfred E. Neumann: “What me worry?” There are lame duck Presidents and then there are lamer ducks and then there is the lamest. Where does Bush’s legacy lie?  See the rest of the story on Strumpette

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