Fred Water. Candidate. Uncle. Leader?

Fred Thompson, the actor, former Senator, and kindly Uncle who you would love to have regale the grand kids for the Fred Thompson candidate for Presidentholidays, threw his hat in the Presidential ring last night in a way you would expect – he announced on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. While the other Republican candidates were debating in New Hampshire, Fred (strictly first name basis for candidates this year) was grandstanding on late night television.

Also, last night he launched his inaugural video on

There are many reasons to be skeptical and dismissive of Fred Thompson. Do we really need another Republican actor running for President? Do we need another candidate in this crowded field?

Yet, despite his politics, Fred Thompson instantly becomes a serious contender based on the strength of his inaugural video alone. It is clear that serious acting credentials help a candidate when you view Fred’s conversational, forthright, clear and convincing presentation. He has a compelling story and he knows how to instill just the right amount of emotion with common sense.

There is a lot of Reaganism in this Fred, and he has the strong conservative cred that Rudy, despite his Commander bearing, lacks. He also happens to be riding a name that is the same as the newest cool bottled water to hit the market (Fred. He’s water). Fred, could be refreshing, or could be all in the slick packaging.


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