PR Week in Review 09-02-07

“I am not gay,” this week became an infamous, desperate, failed attempt at political self-preservation akin to “I am not a crook” (Richard Nixon) and “I never had sex with that woman” (Bill Clinton). The moralistic Republicans swiftly and mercilessly eviscerated Idaho Senator Larry Craig, himself a relentless gay basher, as the heathen Democrats silently watched them eat their own with little prompting. Not surprisingly, the Clintons had no comment.

Missing from the Republican Craig-bash was Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, whose family-values baggage is so heavy his children won’t even speak to him, let alone head on the campaign trail. In any case, we are glad to hear that Tucker Carlson, the MSNBC-backed backed right-wing moralist with a sphincter so tight he has to wear a bow tie, claims he smacked a guy who approached him in a public restroom. That Tucker, he’s such a he-man.

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