PR War Escalates. Who Wins?

Love him, hate him, wish he would go away. Whatever your feelings about George Bush, he is a PR master. He is on message, unbendable, and he demands the same of everybody around him. Bush took the PR of war to a higher level with his Labor Day surprise visit to Iraq and he is massaging the dialogue to his advantage by framing the way we judge progress in Iraq (NYTimes, 9/4/07) and strong arming ‘independent’ assessments to favor his policies.

“The way forward,” is a catch phrase being used by his spokespeople constantly, sometimes multiple times in the same paragraph. Why? Simple. We don’t want to linger on what a disaster this war has been in the past. Anybody who doubts that should see No End In Sight, a meticulous, brilliant, devastating movie that details the major blunders of the “reconstruction” of Iraq at nearly every level.

Why does this matter? PR and manufactured photo ops built support for this war among Americans and our ability to see through the flak will determine how many more American lives are lost, how many young men and women are maimed, and how many more billions of our tax dollars go into this fiasco. PR is what we do. Can we see through it? 

(Presidential candidate John) Edwards contended the Bush administration has “consistently painted a rosier picture of what’s happening in Iraq than reality.” See Baltimore Sun story. “There’s going to be a huge ongoing PR offensive from this administration. That’s absolutely clear. And they’re going to make the situation look better than it is,” Edwards said.


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