Summer of Love, Death & War

We were running around naked in the country, tripping on the music, the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones bookending the wild experiences of psychedelia, love, death and war.

Harken back 35 years ago. August, 1972, the Dead played a benefit in Oregon for Ken Kesey’s brothers dairy farm. The video quality is poor but the feeling is ecstatic. China Cat Sunflower is one of my favorite Dead jams and captures the open possibilities of summer, youth, exploration, a world of peace and joy. (from the film “Sunshine Daydream”)

Below that is the video of the ravages of the Vietnam war, the weird beauty and horror of napalm and helicopters and soldiers on a mission to the beat of Gimme Shelter.

Warning: Nudity, death and destruction ahead. Flashbacks assured. The music endures. Turn it up.

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