PR Week in Review 08.26.07

Mark Rose Editor PRBlogNews PR Week in ReviewThe black arts infiltrated Strumpette last week with a fascinating posting on the “Dark Side of PR 2.0” – nefarious activity that uses Web 2.0 tools to warp the minds of the masses. The day that appeared the mainstream media (MSM) reported that the CIA is now using Facebook in its operations. Later in the week The New York Times reported on ‘Surge Spin,’ the intense PR battle underway for the hearts and minds of Americans to decide the future of the Iraq incursion. The head surge spinner, of course, is President George Bush, who is rewriting history (we lost Vietnam because we left too soon, not because we got our asses kicked in a war that never should have been) for the benefit of an out of control war machine that passes from generation to generation.  See the rest of the story on Strumpette.

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