Dow Says Sayonara Darren Dopp in Face of Flack Uprising

Don;t Tread On Me - Free Darren Dopp - PR Flacks AriseDarren Dopp, the beleaguered and suspended-without-pay former Communications Director for New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is in the media cross hairs. 

David Weidner at Dow Jones is glad that Dopp is is getting his comeuppance because Dopp apparently didn’t think Weidner was important enough to feed news to. That’s how it seems from Weidner’s petulant post “Sayonara Darren.” So now Bulldog Eliot should get a patsy PR guy who should be a lapdog for Dow Jones?

Hey, David, look at it another way: Darren Dopp is another Eliot Spitzer victim. He was treated no differently than Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno or anyone else who could potentially jeopardize Spitzer’s unquenchable ambition or march toward glorification and self-aggrandizement. Dopp should not be vilified, he should be mourned. If you are in PR, Dopp is us. The anger toward Dopp by some in the media (the ones he fed ‘exclusive’ news to praise him) is a mask for a higher resentment: the power of PR.

As Attorney General, Spitzer was smart enough to use PR in his rampaging campaigns against Wall Street, and Dopp was his front-running bulldog media guy. When Spitzer was elected Gov Dopp was once again his point man to the media as Spitzer set out to clean up the “Rip Van Winkle” State Government.  

“We’ll do whatever our clients want us to do” – quote attributed to Darren Dopp

Dopp, who has been accused of using State Troopers to track the movements of Spitzer rival Senate Majority Joseph Bruno and of covering up his misdeeds, has staunchly maintained his innocence while still protecting his boss.

“What has happened to Darren is just not fair,” his lawyer, Terence Kindlon, said in an interview with the New York Daily News. “Darren is getting screwed.”

Newsday picked up on the rising “Don’t Tread on Us” movement growing in PR.  Politicker at New York Observer is also following the news.

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