Don’t eat the brown acid

After the 08.08.2007 PRBlogNews post PR & LSD - a long strange happy tradition , I got inquiries into where AEs can Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.  DIG ITfind jobs at agencies specializing in the resurgent ‘psychedelic PR’. Some questioned whether we should be promoting such questionable practices, and another accused of us of being cultural jihadists. Not surprisingly, this subject brought up a lot of far out weirdness.

I want to set the record straight. LSD and PR don’t mix. It will only lead to a bad trip. I have compiled a list of three rules on this subject so you don’t freak out and do something you may not regret:

Don’t ingest hallucinogens before a new business meeting. If a potential client wants you to draft a plan to start a serious conversation about margarine it is a good idea not to break out in giggles. Do not wear tie-dye to new business.

Keep your clothes on at work. We have heard unconfirmed reports from Burson-Marsteller that AEs are dropping acid going naked in the spirit of the 60s. Bad idea. Do you really want to see Harold Burson naked?

If you take LSD, do not eat a hot dog. We cannot repeat this strongly enough. Watch the following video and remember: PR … and LSD … and hot dogs are a dangerous combination.


  1. Dave Hilter says:

    I ate baloney on acid once to prove to some dumbass that it was possible. You only see what you want to see while tripping – just like in life.

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