Loren Finally Goes Into Rehab

Loren Feldman finally entered rehab for sensitivity training. First he confessed to all his PR 2.0 sins and apologized to the many he has offended. Is it enough? Can he be cured in 24 hours? Contrary to rumors, Loren is not going to the Cirque Lodge in Sundance where Lindsay is reputed to be. We are happy to see that Loren has repented and he will now become an all around nice guy who can make friends and influence people and maybe just maybe God willing some day Loren will become an A list blogger!


  1. Ike says:

    “International Committee for Internet Ethics.”

    I can’t think of four words that do not belong together any more than those. Collectively, or in pairs. Pick any two. Seriously. Pick any two, and tell me you don’t have an oxymoron.

    I’m waiting…

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