NY Video 2.0 @ New Location Tomorrow

Great lineup and a new location for tomorrow’s meetup!

What: NY Video 2.0 August Meetup
When: Thursday, August 30th at 7:00pm
Where: For Your Imagination Studio, 22 West 27th Street, 6th Floor (Map)

** IMPORTANT: New Location! **
The group is now well over 1,000 members and they have been exploring new, more central locations to host the monthly meetups. The good people at For Your Imagination have generously offered to host tomorrow’s meetup at their midtown production studio. 

New – Cover Charge
They will need to rent chairs and a person to man the door, so there is a $5 charge at the event.

August Presenters:
1. Mogulus – Max Haot, Founder & CEO
2. DigitalSmiths – Ben Weinberger, Founder & CEO
3. Yuxt – Vitaly Leokumovich, Founder & CEO
4. Chic.TV – Rami Rinot, Founder & CEO

As usual, space is going to be very limited so please get there early and change your RSVP if you don’t plan to attend.  Special thanks to Yaron (www.nyvideo.org ) for organizing these very cool NY Video 2.0 events.

Summer of Love, Death & War

We were running around naked in the country, tripping on the music, the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones bookending the wild experiences of psychedelia, love, death and war.

Harken back 35 years ago. August, 1972, the Dead played a benefit in Oregon for Ken Kesey’s brothers dairy farm. The video quality is poor but the feeling is ecstatic. China Cat Sunflower is one of my favorite Dead jams and captures the open possibilities of summer, youth, exploration, a world of peace and joy. (from the film “Sunshine Daydream”)

Below that is the video of the ravages of the Vietnam war, the weird beauty and horror of napalm and helicopters and soldiers on a mission to the beat of Gimme Shelter.

Warning: Nudity, death and destruction ahead. Flashbacks assured. The music endures. Turn it up.

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PR Week in Review 08.26.07

Mark Rose Editor PRBlogNews PR Week in ReviewThe black arts infiltrated Strumpette last week with a fascinating posting on the “Dark Side of PR 2.0” – nefarious activity that uses Web 2.0 tools to warp the minds of the masses. The day that appeared the mainstream media (MSM) reported that the CIA is now using Facebook in its operations. Later in the week The New York Times reported on ‘Surge Spin,’ the intense PR battle underway for the hearts and minds of Americans to decide the future of the Iraq incursion. The head surge spinner, of course, is President George Bush, who is rewriting history (we lost Vietnam because we left too soon, not because we got our asses kicked in a war that never should have been) for the benefit of an out of control war machine that passes from generation to generation.  See the rest of the story on Strumpette.

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PR Week in Review 08.19.07

A big moment occurred on Strumpette this week with the either/or piece by Marcia Silverman, CEO of Ogilvy Worldwide. Special thanks to Ms. Silverman for violating the unofficial PR CEO August hiatus on conversations about the conversation and finding the voice to speak. Ms. Silverman made a definitively ambiguous statement — a title like “Digital Media: Yes! And No!” does not promise singular impassioned fervor — but a statement nonetheless, more than we get from most other PR agency CEOs.

Ogilvy PR, according to its web site, has more than 60 offices worldwide and handles clients like Bristol-Meyers Squibb, DuPont, Merck, Motorola, Microsoft, Novell, Sony, Verizon. Ms. Silverman is a lifelong Ogilvy-ite. In 1981 she was one of the original employees of Ogilvy & Mathers Public Affairs. That’s more than 25 years steeped in the traditions of the business to rise to the top position of a major global PR firm. I am sure that change does not come easy for Ms. Silverman and all this mishigoss about a PR revolution is somewhat amusing. See the rest of the story on Strumpette.

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Could you take your clothes off please?

That’s what you expect Hardball’s (Screwball, Oddball, Hardballs?) Chris Matthews to babble on his show last Friday evening when he was interviewing CNBC’s “Street Signs” anchor Erin Burnett about the latest Wall Street news. The news about housing was boring but Burnett apparently was not. ”You look great… Look at that look… You’re great… No, you’re beautiful. I’m just kidding… You’re a knockout… It’s alright getting bad news from you even. Okay. Thanks for coming on ‘Hardball’.” Look at that smile on his face as he asks her to come closer to the camera. Nothing like a little on air lust. Matthews has a thing for Anchors. He is married to former Channel 7/WJLA Washington DC news anchor Kathleen Matthews.

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