New York Times Gaga Over Rupert’s Yogurt at Boldface Business Confab

Since I was not invited to Herb Allen’s annual media mogul shindig in Sun Valley last week (I am sure it was an oversight) Rupert MurdochI tried to surreptitiously join the boldface business gang through, you know, the media. Why not? Just Rupert Murdoch, Harvey Weinstein, Terry Semel, Sergey Brin, Barry Diller, Anderson Cooper, Jeff Bezos… and me. I would hitch a virtual ride on a private jet (no plebian time-share for me) and carve up the world media pie and decide how all the people of the world will see, hear, and feel all their information, news and entertainment for the foreseeable future. What fun in the sun. — See the rest of the story on Strumpette, published 07.15.2007

Why We Should All Feel Bad About Rubenstein’s Cyber Mugging

Howard RubensteinTerrible, just terrible. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. PR Czar Howard Rubenstein got mugged this last weekend on the Huffington Post. The blows have now reverberated throughout the industry. I think I am uniquely qualified to offer a little perspective.

The day I interviewed at Howard Rubenstein Associates I couldn’t eat, had not slept for over 24 hours, and could not shake my innate nervousness. “This was the big leagues,” the headhunter told me. You make it at the most demanding, most respected, most connected publicity shop in New York, you can make it anywhere. I was interviewing with a man we came to call “The Beast,” although that moniker was way too tame and could never convey his true brilliance or brutality. His initials aptly were P.R. and he was the purest personification of raw PR media madness I, and many others, have ever experienced. He was Howard’s henchman and he had zero patience for incompetence or foolishness, attributes he detected in most everybody. — see the rest of the story on Strumpette, published 07.11.2007

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PR Week In Review 07.08.07

All week long I heard the coyote howl as the moon, a waning crescent, receded further. It is the season of the coyote, not just here in the Olympic Mountains, but throughout the land as Trickster reveals itself in many permutations. The Makah, on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula and the Colville east of the Cascades have their legends of Trickster and you can see its handiwork often on Strumpette and through those who practice public relations on a higher level. The coyote alerts us to its presence, teases us with illusions, and then disappears into the woods. Where will it pop up again? Trickster Makes This World, here we’ll attempt to navigate through it.  — Read the rest of the story on Strumpette

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Social Media Club Still Dead … maybe deader

Jimi HendrixJames Bond may have thought “You only die once,” and my mother Shirley, god rest her soul, used to say “Why die twice?” when I worried excessively. But apparently the Social Media Club believes that its mission is to repeatedly die like a poor fish flopping on a deck, gasping for air. Won’t some kind fisherman put the Social Media Club out of its misery and club it to death so we don’t have to witness its pathetic spasms?

We declared the Social Media Club dead, June 13th, on PRBlogNews because, well, it had no signs of life. No mission, no leadership, no meetings, no plans, no response. A lot of NO. We put a mirror up to its nose, no fog. We did not have a defibrillator handy and, frankly, we didn’t see what there was to save. Human life may be sacred, organizations that waste your time should be mercilessly dispatched.  — Read the rest of the story on Strumpette, published 07/05/2007