Social Media Club Still Dead … maybe deader

Jimi HendrixJames Bond may have thought “You only die once,” and my mother Shirley, god rest her soul, used to say “Why die twice?” when I worried excessively. But apparently the Social Media Club believes that its mission is to repeatedly die like a poor fish flopping on a deck, gasping for air. Won’t some kind fisherman put the Social Media Club out of its misery and club it to death so we don’t have to witness its pathetic spasms?

We declared the Social Media Club dead, June 13th, on PRBlogNews because, well, it had no signs of life. No mission, no leadership, no meetings, no plans, no response. A lot of NO. We put a mirror up to its nose, no fog. We did not have a defibrillator handy and, frankly, we didn’t see what there was to save. Human life may be sacred, organizations that waste your time should be mercilessly dispatched.  — Read the rest of the story on Strumpette, published 07/05/2007


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